This Is Us

Creative Hair Styling Solutions in Canada

At Nappy’s, we have a large team of hair care experts engaged at all our three locations. Our hairstylists are creative and provide services with a personal touch.

The finesse of our work owes itself to our three decades of experience in this field. Our salon is a comfortable space, and we set the right tone and ambiance for a relaxing time.


Our Core Values in Business

  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Creativity
  • Customer Service

Unmatchable Customer Service

At Nappy’s, we provide a family environment and promise to bring you the highest quality service and products. We are committed to our clients in Vaughan, Scarborough, and Hamilton areas. We upgrade our knowledge and technology as per the changing industry standards to deliver with quality, creativity, and consistency.


Experienced Crew

At Nappy’s, our crew is highly skilled, experienced, courteous, and holds great empathy for the community. We excel in our respective fields of expertise.

For us, each customer is a representative of the larger community, and we try our best to ensure that you look and feel your best when you leave the place.

We never stop looking for ways to make your time with us happy, if not worthwhile.